How to apply for RYLA scholarship

To apply for the RYLA leadership camp, under the “Register” menu heading, select “New User Registration”. On the next screen, complete all contact information. On the next screen, select the “student” option. This will take you to the scholarship application page.

You will be asked to supply information about yourself (academic accomplishments, other school activities and recognitions, high school sports participation, work experience, outside school interests, hobbies, and recreation). It is very important for you to give as complete information about these topics as possible. When filling out this information, take care to do the following:

  • Write in complete sentences;
  • avoid abbreviations;
  • give specific examples;
  • provide any details that will help us in evaluating your application;
  • carefully proofread your responses before submitting your application;
  • Identify and correct all spelling and grammatical errors;
  • give complete contact information for any references (be sure to inform those individuals whom you list as references); and
  • give complete contact information for your parents or guardians.

The information you supply is an important basis for our decision to select you as a scholarship recipient.

Click here to apply.