Student Information


Student Information

RYLA Student Application, Selection and Follow-up Process

Student Application

Students submit their applications directly online through the RYLA 5150 website. To guarrantee that you will be considered for the 2015 camp, submit your application by December 31, 2014!

All high school students who are in at least the 10th grade are welcome to apply. Priority is given to 10th and 11th grade students. Our desire is to have students who will be returning to their high school and be able to apply skills they’ve gained in the following school year. It is within the discretion of the RYLA selection committee consider 12th grade students or foreign exchange students for participation in the leadership camp.

Students are encouraged to answer the questions on the application as completely as possible. Give specific details. Be sure to identify your leadership, community service, and personal goals. Involvement in organizations outside of the school (4-H, church, Boys and Girls Club, Girl Scouts, or Boy Scouts, or other service organizations) is also relevant and should be mentioned.

Students may seek assistance from school counselors, teachers, mentors or others in completing your application.

Include references we may contact about your qualifications.

Selection process

The RYLA Selection Committee reviews applications submitted by students. Teachers, school counselors, and local Rotary clubs may identify and submit recommendations for particular students who apply. We strongly encourage students to seek recommendations from school counselors, principals, coaches, club advisors, and youth organization leaders.

Students do not have to be associated with Rotary or members of a Rotary sponsored high school Interact club to apply.

Scholarship award

Once an applicant has been selected to attend, the applicant and their parent or guardian will be notified of the scholarship award.

Those who are selected must reply within five days of their intention to accept the award and attend camp. If a response is not received, the student will be moved to the wait list and another applicant will be selected.

The RYLA leadership camp is held March 27-29, 2015. Once selected, the scholarship recipient will receive additional details regarding: transportation, submission of additional forms, what to bring, what to expect.

After camp

After completing the RYLA camp, RYLA graduates will be invited to speak about their experience at local Rotary clubs.