Karen Kam - RYLA 2014

I was a quiet and discouraged person, but after just 3 days of camp, I came out a leader. RYLA provided me with skills needed to lead and become successful, experiences and memories that are unforgettable, friendships that will last a lifetime, and a family that supports and helps me continue to grow. I was inspired and driven to step up and use what I had learned. I took up leadership positions at school, got more involved with Interact, and found my passion in service. Even though I attended camp 2 years ago, I still go back and utilize what I learned in difficult situations I confront today. RYLA changed my life and it has the opportunity to do the same for you.

Sarah Kimball - RYLA 2014

RYLA is one of those once in a lifetime experiences, that you will never forget because it will forever change who you are as both a person and leader. I went to RYLA as someone who truly wanted to step up and become a leader in my community and I knew I had the internal power to do so, but I just didn't have the confidence or skills. RYLA provided me with not only the tools to be a leader, but also the confidence and real-assurance I needed to excel. At RYLA, I was able to step out of my comfort zone in the supportive environment provided to me, and become more self-aware of the type of leader I was. After camp, I joined and took on a lot more leadership roles at my school and in community, and I really cannot thank anything other than RYLA for that full transition. I am so thankful for the opportunities RYLA provided me, and it will definitely that has and will impact my life forever.

Thomas TJ Chartrand - RYLA 2014

My name is TJ, and I am here to vouch for the astounding and innovative Rotary Youth Leadership Awards Camp, and how to can have a positive impact on the lives of today's youth. RYLA undoubtably changed my life. I used to be a quiet and shy individual who followed the crowd and rarely found the courage to stand up for myself or follow what I believed in. Three days at camp, however, gave me stellar leadership skills, new personal perspectives, and the drive towards success that are now crucial pillars that make up the person I am today. I have accomplished so much in my life since then, and I owe so much credit to the RYLA Program that gave me the tools to make it all possible. One thing I took away was the necessity of being involved in this extraordinary process, in the hopes that I could help change someone else's life and give them the same, if not a better, experience.   I highly encourage any young person to attend RYLA, even if they are unsure or hesitant about it all. I of all people understand just how hard meeting new people, putting yourself out there, and trying new things can be. I still say with all my heart, however, that RYLA could be a leap of faith that changes someone's life. You have nothing to lose, so get out there and apply today!